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Medical Grade vs Over the Counter

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Why use Medical Grade skincare products?

The reason why I only recommend using Medical Grade Products because of their highly stabilized ingredients that last longer and take longer to degrade. Many of them also used more involved mechanisms of absorption to enhance delivery to deeper areas of skin. They contain active ingredients that have been clinically proven to have a positive effect on skin. These products are only available through your Licensed Estheticians who are trained to understand how the skin functions and how different ingredients deliver specific results. Medical grade products are often categorized as a blend between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, providing both aesthetics and medical benefits. It is a good idea to learn more about these skincare lines and why you may want to consider using them in favor of over the counter products. You'll likely to use less product due to the higher level of penetration.

When choosing medical-grade skincare products, you receive a regimen that is customized to your specific needs because it is recommended by your Esthetician. They are familiar with the product line and with your skin type. Therefore, it's more likely you'll receive the correct product the first time, rather than trying a number of brands in hopes of finding the right one you like.

Over the Counter Products or Drugstore products are formulated with low concentrations of active ingredients and are often generic formulated to market "one size fits all skin type". These products are also made in large batches , more fillers and preservatives / parabens are added to extend the shelf life. Synthetic fragrances and dyes are added to improve the look and smell of the products, even though these ingredients are known skin irritants and pore cloggers. These product can be found through drug stores, department stores,direct sales companies/MLM, or online with no skincare education or background is required in order to sells these products. Most of these products have no clinical studies or research behind it. OTC may seem affordable but you'll end up spending more money in the long run because you either need a lot of products for it to work or wasting a lot of time to see any results.

So now you should have a better idea on Medical Grade Skincare is a much better option if you really want to see changes to your skin. By investing in professional products now, you'll be taking much better care of your skin. In fact, you'll be saving yourself further issues down the line, including expensive and time-consuming cosmetic procedures such as skin resurfacing or a face lift. Medical Grade skincare products can give you the anti-aging benefits and protection you need now to save you hassle later.

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